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On behalf of the Commissioners and employees of the Borough of Cape May Point, NJ, we would like to welcome you to Cape May Point's official website.

This site is for our Cape May Point "family" of property owners and the general public to understand the function of our municipal government departments and the services that they offer.

We will continue to add information to keep the site as up to date as possible. While some information on the site is mandated by state statues, most of what you will find is our way of bringing everyone into the world of Cape May Point in order to make their experience here more enjoyable and understandable.

Should you have any questions, please direct them to the appropriate Commissioner. You will find links on the Mayor and Commissioners page where you can click on a name to send an email directly to them.

We encourage you to use this site on a regular basis so that you are continually informed of what is happening in our local government.

If you have any trouble with accessing information contained within this website, please contact Elaine Wallace at or (609) 884-8468 ext. 12.


Sustainable Jersey Green Team


Borough News


The Tax Assessor’s Office will be closed October 3, 2019.  Instead, her office hours that week will be Tuesday, October 1st from 4 – 5 pm.

New Borough Recycling Containers:

Borough recycling containers will be made available to property owners beginning Friday, September 6th at the recycling yard during normal operating hours.  You must show proof of ownership such as a tax or water bill.  The Borough drafted a letter which will be mailed to all property owners but has been delayed due to a broken postage meter.  Only 300 containers are available at this time and will be distributed first come, first served.  Additional containers will be available in 2020 for those who couldn’t get one this year.  Keep an eye out for your letter, which will provide more information regarding the new containers as well as county-wide recycling practices.

Please Be Advised

Central/Pavilion/Ocean Avenues

On or about Monday, September 9th, preliminary work for the road and drainage construction on these streets will begin.

Beach CleanupFall Beach Cleanup

Date:   Saturday, September 21, 2019
Time:    8:30 am to 10:30 am

Meet behind Cape May Point Municipal Building 215 Lighthouse Ave. at the entrance of the State Park

See Flyer

Notice Regarding Sunset Boulevard Steering Committee:

A Public Information Center has been scheduled for Thursday, October 3, 2019 from 4:00 - 8:00 pm at the West Cape May Borough Hall.  We anticipate receiving an announcement flyer and will post it as soon as we receive it.

Sustainable Jersey Green TeamGo Green with the Backyard Compostig Challenge

Compost bins are available for Cape May Point property owners at the Municipal Trash and Recycling Yard on Sunset Blvd. during posted operating hours.


Bile Path Map

New Cape Island Connections Bike Map
and Brochure

See Brochure


Spreading Milkweed, Not Myths


2019 Annual Beach Survey

Open Survey Results

Here are some of the highlights of this year’s survey:

  1. All the beach changes were relatively small in total shoreline movement and sand volume changes

  2. The net change was positive at 29,848 cubic yards focused mostly on the eastern 4 groin cells

  3. The majority of the added sand is seen offshore at or beyond the early beachsaver reef units.

  4. The fill has nearly buried the two sets of early units at Whillden and Coral beach sites.

  5. Wave surge over these is all but eliminated, however, unwary bathers could still get cut or scraped by coming into contact with the barnacles and other marine growth on the concrete.

  6. The later set of beachsavers at Cape Ave. are further seaward, and more covered by sand than previously, with about 2 feet showing above the sand

  7. The final set of barriers remained deeply buried in sand.

  8. The western four groin cells show the effects of the northwest winds again this year with large additions to the  dunes and at Alexander Ave a very large addition to the seaward dune slope all with wind transported sand.

  9. Stites Avenue wins the elevation derby with a dune exceeding 33 feet in elevation, but Pearl Ave dune is getting close.

  10. All beaches appear to have a wider, shallower offshore platform for swimming this year, so things look pretty good to start.

  11. It’s your call as to management of swimming at the beachsaver beaches this year, we see a potential at every site, with the caveat that the concrete is still there if one were to kick it or unwittingly step on it.  The deep trough and heavy wave surge over them is gone for now.

Annual Drinking Water Report

See Report

NJ Clean Energy Funding Available to Homeowners

Gary Finger of NJ Clean Energy spoke to the Board of Commissioners at the January 8th Work Session about how the Borough can increase energy efficiency and save money.  He has provided additional information about incentives that are available to homeowners for making energy efficient improvements to their homes.  These improvements will increase energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and lower energy bills.  A win-win for the homeowner and the environment!

See More Information

Higbee Beach WMA Restoration Project Information

See Reports

What Is My Own Base Flood Elevation


Non-Profit Funds

The Borough of Cape May Point has two non-profit funds which underwrite many important activities during the year.  

The Lifeguard Trust sponsors the junior lifeguard program, the annual Women’s Lifeguard Challenge, other lifeguard special events during the season and purchase of essential lifeguard equipment.

The Environmental Trust underwrites environmental educational initiatives and updating the Environmental Resource List, an exceedingly important reference to be used, among other things, by the Cape May Point Planning Board. 

Click HERE for a donation form If you would like to support these vital community resources.



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