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get past plasticThe Cape May Point Environmental Commission (EC) wants to alert residents to the changes in New Jersey law regarding single-use bags, polystyrene foam food service products, and straws. The new law is designed to reduce the distribution of single-use bags, Styrofoam containers, and straws that are harmful to the environment.
Beginning May 4, 2022, no stores or businesses in NJ will provide single-use plastic bags tocustomers. Also, grocery stores that occupy at least 2,500 sq. ft. will not provide paper carry out bags. Polystyrene foam containers will not be provided for take-out foods and New Jersey residents will no longer be able to purchase polystyrene plates or cups in stores. Straws will be provided when requested.
When shopping you will need to bring bags/containers with you or purchase reusable bags at the store. The law applies to what stores can give you. It doesn’t apply to what you can bring to the store.
Detailed information, including waivers on certain items, is available at this site: https://www.nj.gov/dep/get-past-plastic/
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