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  • Cape May Police Department

  • Animal Control Assessor
  • phone icon (609) 884-9500
  • home icon 215 Lighthouse Avenue
  •       Cape May Point, NJ 08212
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Per New Jersey State rules:

  • Animal Control Officer (ACO) are required to impound stray dogs, or dogs or other animals observed by the ACO to be ill, injured or creating a threat to public health. Impounded animals must be held for seven days at a facility licensed as a pound prior to adoption or euthanasia. ACOs DO NOT generally address wildlife nuisance problems unless the wildlife exhibit signs of rabies.
  • ACOs can be contacted through municipal police departments and local health departments. Every municipality must use a licensed impoundment facility where stray animals are taken for evaluation and held for owners to reclaim their lost pets.
  • If you need assistance with nuisance wildlife situations, contact the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Fish and Game for guidance.

Following NJ rules, the Borough’s Animal Control Officer (ACO) responds to the following situations only:

  • Reports of sick or injured wildlife that poses a rabies threat to the public.
  • Reports of sick or injured domestic animals at-large. These animals must be treated by a licensed veterinarian before being transported to a shelter. Owners of these animals will be responsible for all costs associated with treatment.
  • Pickup dogs running at large. If no owner is found, the dog will be transported to a licensed animal shelter.
  • Investigate dog attacks and bites and impound animals if necessary.
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