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Paul Dietrich
Floodplain Manager
609-435-2642 215 Lighthouse Avenue, P.O. Box 490
Cape May Point, NJ 08212


2023 Annual CRS Report

"Free Risk Assessment of your home, offered by Smart Vent Products, assesses all flood risks and co-ordinates with your insurer to determine if or how much money mitigation will save you. They analyze flood vents, of course, but also several other factors that are used to rate your policy. You must have Elevation Certificate to begin the process." Click HERE for link

The Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act of 2014

The economic ramifications surrounding unaffordable flood insurance has the potential to devastate home values, small businesses, and entire communities across the country. READ MORE...

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Watershed Management Plan

Elevation Certificates

Cape May Point maintains a copy of all Elevation Certificates provided to the Borough by a variety of sources. These certificates are available as a public service. Reasonable efforts have been made to assure the accuracy of the certificates posted on line. However, these certificates are only as accurate as the source of the documents and a review of such documents can ascertain.

The Borough of Cape May Point, NJ makes no warranty, representation or guarantee of any kind regarding the elevation certificates or the information contained therein. The Borough of Cape May Point specifically disclaims all representations or warranties, express or implied, including, without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

The Floodplain Manager maintains electronic files of all hard copy Elevation Certificates on file with the Borough. Elevation Certificates are submitted to the Floodplain Office for permit purposes and to make sure that property elevations are in compliance with Borough ordinances..

The Borough makes all Elevation Certificates currently on file available for printing from any location.  All elevation certificates are listed by Block and Lot. The Block and Lot are listed from the lowest to the highest block and lot in the city. In order to print an Elevation Certificate.

Mapping Information

The Borough of Cape May Point and representatives from the Floodplain Management Office: Paul Dietrich provides information regarding flood map inquiries, including but not limited to information on: flood depths, BFE, LIMWA, FIRM, SFHA, V zone, historic flooding, mean high water, sea level rise, projected sea level rise, category 1 hurricane storm surge, elevation certificates, projected special flood hazard area in 2050 and marsh migration. For additional information, please contact Paul Dietrich at or (609) 435-2642.

Historic Flood Maps & Studies

Flood Protection Assistance

The Borough of Cape May Point provides information on flood proofing, grant funding sources for home elevations and flood proofing, ICC (Increase Cost of Compliance) and flood insurance – for additional information including sample policy forms for download, please scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page.

Open Space Preservation

The link below is a report quantifying the Flood Mitigating effects for Cape May Point due to the restoration of the natural function of the Lower Cape May Meadows

Natural Floodplain Functions

The floodplain or flood hazard area is an area that is inundated by floodwaters by the tidal waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The natural function of a floodplain is to store the floodwaters or storm tide, on a temporary basis, until the water recedes to its usual normal coastal tide elevations. Along coastal areas, tidal wetlands provide a temporary reservoir for floodwaters due to storm tides, which are higher than normal tides. The floodplains also protect our community against storm-related erosion by wave action or scour and battering by debris. These areas are critical for perpetuating natural processes, for providing aquatic and riparian habitat and for mitigating the effects of erosion.  We remind you to protect and preserve any such areas on your property.

Flood Protection / Management Plan

The Borough of Cape May Point is a participating member of the Cape May County Multi-Jurisdiction Hazard Mitigation Plan.  This planning process helps prepare our citizens and government agencies enhance their response when disasters occur. The link below leads to Volume One and Two of the prepared plan on the Cape May County Office of Emergency Management website.

Flood Warning System

In case of an emergency, you should listen to the available Emergency Broadcast System. In addition to the Comcast Cable System on TV, you can also tune your radio to:

· ESPN 1450 AM
· LaGRANDE 1490 AM
· WAYV 95.1 FM
·WCMC 1230 AM
· WCZT 98.7 FM
· WFPG 96.9 FM

· WIBG 1020 AM
· WIBG 94.3 FM
· WKOE 106.7 FM
· WMGM 103.7 FM
· WMGM TV 40
· WMID 1340 AM

· WOND 1400 AM
· WPUR 107.3 FM
· WTKU 98.3 FM
· WTTH  96.1 FM
· WZBZ 99.3 FM
· WZXL 100.7 FM

When a WATCH is issued, conditions are a real possibility and may threaten our community within 36 hours

When a WARNING is issued, the storm event is expected to hit the area within 24 hours.

In the event of an emergency, Police, Fire, Emergency Management and First Aid personnel will perform “route” alerting. Alerting will be by mobile public address systems and door-to-door operations. When told to evacuate, do so without hesitation.

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) will also issue a CodeRed message through registered phone numbers.  You can make sure your number is registered by going to the Borough web page.  If the OEM issues alerts for the need to open shelters, the CodeRed message will direct you to the necessary shelter location.

The County Office of Emergency Management prepares the official Coastal Evacuation Map.

FEMA Documents

Flood Insurance

Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover damage caused by flooding

Only flood insurance policies cover physical damage to your property and possessions caused by flooding. This damage is not covered under homeowners insurance. NFIP offers up to $250,000 in flood insurance coverage for building property (your home) and up to $100,000 for personal contents (your belongings). Although these coverages fall under one policy, the coverages may be purchased separately so that renters can obtain only personal contents coverage if desired. If you are a homeowner wishing to protect your home and belongings, be sure to request both coverages.
For specific information about what is covered and not covered, visit the National Flood Insurance Program Summary of Coverage.

The risk is real
It doesn’t take a major body of water or a significant storm to cause flooding. A flood can occur because of a slow-moving rainstorm, snowmelt, land development runoff, and more. High-risk areas have a 1 in 4 chance of flooding during a 30-year mortgage. While moderate-to-low risk areas have a reduced risk of flooding, these areas are responsible for nearly 25% of flood insurance claims.
According to, just one inch of water in a 1,000-square-foot home can cause over $10,000 in damage. That cost grows with the severity of the flood:

Estimated Cost of Flooding in a 1,000-Square-Foot Home

Four-foot flood $39,950
One-foot flood $27,150
Six-inch flood $20,150
One-inch flood $10,600

When available, federal disaster assistance can cost more than a flood insurance policy.

Federal disaster assistance is not insurance. It is only available when a disaster is federally declared, and usually comes in the form of a loan with interest. A flood insurance policy is often the less expensive option.

The best time to buy flood insurance in New Jersey is now.

There is typically a 30-day waiting period before a policy takes effect after purchase.

Beach Surveys

Floodplain News

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